When God talks…

17758107_10209336847558383_1611766738_nGod talked to me tonight through an old friend, giving me assurance that any single good act will not be ignored.

For some personal reasons, these days I’ve been moping. Either I felt that my good acts toward particular persons were at the end futile because those persons cut me loose from their life, or I felt that some people came back to me realizing that I was the one who cared the most in their darkest episodes but it was way too late.  Continue reading “When God talks…”


Daily Gratitude #1: Midyear Review dan Menonton Your Name

Saya memutuskan untuk membuat daftar bersyukur harian, supaya saya selalu berbahagia di tengah badai kehidupan #halah. Semoga saya bisa teguh dan konsisten dalam menuliskannya tiap hari yaaa.

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