Daily Gratitude #3: Source of Gratitude

And here it comes the dreaded day of first midyear review! This is the one of the administration process for confirming that I’m not just lazying my ass off in this PhD program. OK, maybe that term is a bit harsh (okay, a lot then), but it really has been an ordeal for me to come up with a draft that was at least presentable as a work in progress and to fill out the form with whatever reflective bullshit that I could pull from the last 6 months of being in the program.

First gratitude is that Dear Bosses thought that I have been progressing quite well. There was evidence that I have read substantially and that I have done some thinking on my readings. I need to start thinking about my pilot study of mapping (again!) the discourses in the landscape of my topic. Yay!

But, hey, of course they had something in store to make me not easily get away with the supervision. They thought that my plan to do field work in July is ambitious. Ambitious as in, hello, the time frame is not realistic, as I may not earn the ethical approval for my field work.  Darn it. There goes my chance to enjoy my sunny tropical country in summer. And lots, lots of rescheduling of rendezvous with significant loved ones and of gluttony that I will definitely follow in regards to those crazily-yummy-not-hygienic street food of Indonesia.

Oh well, right after the review, my Kiddo Jalu messaged me, asking how the meeting went. Obviously he could read my frustration of not being able to go home sooner to see him. And bless his kind soul for typing these thoughtful lines for me:

Yang sabar ya 😥 Semangat! Tahun depan pasti bisa! 😆 I know you can do it 😊
[please be patient. Keep up the spirit! Next year you will definitely be able to go home! I know you can do it.]

Jangan salah paham. [Don’t misunderstand] That’s OK, I’m fine with it, we can still contact each other. And besides, it’s for our future too. It’s worth trying

Isn’t he a sweetheart? What did I do in my previous life to deserve a son that is so considerate and understanding and loving like him? For that, I say my gratitude today. I’m blessed. Really.

c5rd13lxqaamte_Oh, I’m also so grateful for all the second hand shops and crazy discounts here for they’re a source of constant affordable source of outfit of the day. Here is one for today, and I’m loving it.

#OOTD details:
Winter coat – Bershka size US M £5 (2nd Uni Media)
Long sleeve blouse – Trader size M £2 (2nd Oxfam)
Knit 3/4 sleeve blouse – Woman collection size M £2 (2nd Barnados)
Skinny Jeans – Denim.co size UK 12 £8 (Primark, discounted from £12)
Ankle Boots – Clarks size UK 4.5 £45 (Clarks Outlet Online, discounted from £80)

Now in your case, who/what is your constant source of gratitude?


Author: Neny

not your typical mainstream individual. embracing all roles without being confined in one.

4 thoughts on “Daily Gratitude #3: Source of Gratitude”

    1. Lho itu yg mahal (tapi dpt diskonan) cuma boots-nya, Om. Tapi sepatu kan nggak beli tiap tahun (boots terakhir saya udah 6-7 tahun umurnya). Yang lain harganya lebih murah daripada makan di warung lho. Eh, ini kenapa dibahas ya 😆

      Iya, Om, progress, tapi harus menunda kepulangan. Sakaw menahan rindu jadinya. Hiks.


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