Multiple Perspectives on Today: a Birthday Collage

First of all, thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! Terima kasih! Matur nuwun! It’s absolutely a field day for a birthday girl/woman to get an enormous number of wishes.

I would like to reply to each and every birthday message that you sent if I could, but 317 (and counting as I’m writing this) is the number of messages that unfortunately Facebook can’t handle if I go back to the oldest one and try to reply. Apart from the ones sent directly to my email, I would like to apologize if I can reply to your message. I’m so sorry!

Nevertheless, I hope this post shows how grateful, thankful and lucky I feel to receive each and every message. Please note that I’m reading each and every Facebook notification message through my email. None is neglected, I assure you.

Here you are: the multiple perspectives on my birthday. As you probably know, I wear several hats (read: roles) in my current life and I would like to share how I respond to your messages in each hat. I hope it shows how happy and thankful I am in an amusing way.

Enjoy and thanks again!

Neny, the mother:

Oh, it’s soooo sweetttttt. You are all really, really, really darlings! Thanks to all your wonderful messages that keeps coming and coming and coming.

Neny, the teacher:

Alright, Everyone! It is important to remember and learn that everyone needs a friend and friends are precious and that birthdays are the perfect occasion to be grateful for your friends. Now, let me emphasize that this will be tested on a pop quiz that usually takes place on your birthday. I did my test today, and the result is really good. I really appreciate what you have sent to my Facebook wall and my email. Once again, this is an example of what we learn today: each and every one of us needs a friend, that friends are precious, and, that birthdays are the most suitable time to be thankful for your friends.

Neny, the researcher:

Upon checking and calculating the Facebook account and the email account, the data consisting of messages containing birthday messages for the subject *read: me, Neny* reached the number of 317 and counting. The messages came with the interval of 3-5 minutes. The result may imply that the subject received an incredible amount of love and prayers, and the subject may safely expect that The Omnipotent Power High Above and the universe to respond to such love and prayers in a positive way.

Neny, the poet:

In each and every message

I find your loving faces and hearts.

Words are only expressions

but they mean all the good vibes

sent out to the universe.

Words are only jumbled consonants and vowels

but I will say it out loud

to reach each and every one of you:

Thank you!

It’s been one of those days

When I’m




in gratitude

for having friends

like each and every one of you.

Neny, the gamer:

Congratulations! You have reached new highest score of the year. New highest score: 317 points from messages and emails. Your new rank now is Beloved Friend. Do you like to publish your score? Yes. Message: Yooooohoooooo, thank you very much, my Friends and Family. You really made my day.

Neny, the Singer:

Unforgettable (by Nat King Cole)

Unforgettable, that’s what you are

Unforgettable, though near or far

That’s why, Darling, it’s incredible

That someone so unforgettable

Thinks that I am unforgettable too.

Neny, the twitter user:

RT @everyone Thank you all for your birthday wishes, prayers, and shouts. It’s been a blast! @nenyish is definitely feeling grateful. #birthday #nowplaying

Neny, the blogger:

This whole post is going to be published in my blog: Check it out!


Author: Neny

not your typical mainstream individual. embracing all roles without being confined in one.

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