Life Interdependence: old acquaintances and connecting dots

I believe that old acquaintances will pop up somehow later. And our acquaintances will meet each other somehow. That connects the dots of our lives. And that’s where life is interdependent.

Well, you might be wondering how I come up with those beliefs up there. And yes, there are some incidents in the last two months that kept me thinking of those beliefs, and even saying them out loud in my classes.

First, a catch of glimpse of a friend whom the last time I met was some time like fifteen years ago. It was so unexpected and we reconnected. The last time I knew, he was out of the island working and disappeared from my radar. Until two months ago, we accidentally met and exchanged phone numbers. It turned out that he came back to Salatiga in 2003 because his father was ill and he, being the only son, he felt that he needed to take care of his folks. Funnily, our path never crossed since 2005 (because I was out of the country from 2003-2005) although we live in the same town.

The second incident was when one of my ex-students text messaged me saying that he was in Bandung, doing photography and met another friend of mine of Fulbright circle. They didn’t know each other until that day out photo shooting in Bandung. The only connection between them is me and they met! Just like that.

The third one is when I met this person for discussing this international conference that we planned to have November this year. After discussing my involvement in the committee, we started talking about light topics. And he found out that I was in Ames, IA, and that one of his friends in Toledo moved to Ames when I was there. He asked if I knew his friend and, duh, of course, I knew.

Another incident was two weeks ago. A classmate of mine in college found me in Multiply and decided to send an email, asking if I still remembered her. She was not particularly close to me in college, but our year only had like 70 something students, so I remembered her. She is now in the US, happily married to an American with a gorgeous 4 year old daughter. Weird that we went our own way after our graduation ten years ago, and met again ten years later in the Internet.

And the last thing is that got me to thinking about life connection is when I talked about meeting my friend (the one above that I haven’t met for fifteen years) with the administration staff. It turned out that one of the admin staff is actually his neighbor! Gosh, this is weird.

Of course, I had similar incidents many times in the past and I’ve been thinking about the connections many times in the past. Old acquaintances do pop up and life paths definitely cross somehow. It’s always good to get reconnected with old friends. It’s always wonderful to know that I met a total stranger and it turned out that we have the same acquaintances. At some points, I even benefited from the connections. It seems that during my life I received help and assistance from a new acquaintance because we knew the same people. And because of that, I like connecting people so that they can help each other. It’s like connecting dots in my circle of life and somehow giving a chance for people to help each other.

I received a lot in my life: health, family, education, and of course my acquaintances. Thank God! I will not be able to be who I am now without my dots in my circle, be it my family circle, my work circle, my classmates circle, my Internet circle, and many other circles.

Are you my acquaintances? Let’s reconnect and start helping each other!


Author: Neny

not your typical mainstream individual. embracing all roles without being confined in one.

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