End of Year: Journeys, Being Lazy, Eating a Lot, Working on Things..

It was a rare occasion for a lecturer in my uni to get a long, long semester break. With the current system, we typically have a two week break in between semesters, which usually consists of one week of grading and one week of new semester planning. So it is basically not a break. It’s more like having two weeks free of classes and substituting the class sessions with doing other stuffs for courses. End of year is an exception. In addition to the usual two week break, we have two weeks of Christmas holiday, and it’s a REAL break. Fantastic!

So during those two weeks of break, our family planned a little vacation to Bandung and a visit to Purwokerto to attend a wedding. But, plans are just plans. We did go to the wedding. Motorbiking for almost a total of twelve hours with my family: me, my hubby and my son in one motorbike; my mom and dad in another motorbike. My mom, being a very organized woman, arranged to have all sorts of snacks for nibbling during stops, resulting in my dad’s bike to be overloaded with bags. Well, she is always like that, never likes to stop in restaurants with an excuse that it’s a waste of money. As for my motorbike, we installed a box at the back of the back, full with stuffs to protect our son from the harsh wind: raincoats, jackets, extra clothes, medicine. Considering how fragile he is against the wind and his health condition in the past, it just made sense.

The journey to Purwokerto was cruel for my butts! After all, sitting for almost six hours at the back of a narrow strip of seat is not the most pleasant thing. But I liked the scenery along the way, all green trees, occasional interesting houses. And since it was silence most of the way (the hubby had to concentrate on steering), it gave me time to reflect and dream…. We just stayed in the wedding for two hours, mostly spent chatting with relatives. And off we went on the road again, another cruel six hours drive! My dad decided to stop in a nice Chinese restaurant in Temanggung and the food was good. Good thinking of him, because by the time we got home, my mom and I didn’t have the energy to prepare food for dinner.

As for the plan to Bandung, well, we put it off. Two days after that motorbiking to Purwokerto, my son got cold. I guess he was too tired of sitting all the time and all the wind. He had fever, vomit, headache, and was forced to rest for a week. Being a good mom and dad, we stayed home all the time, and went out occasionally to buy food that he liked so that he was willing to eat, because he didn’t have any appetite at all. Plus, it would cost quite a lot. The money was there, but we didn’t think it’s worth it.

So, we stayed at home a lot during the break. I played computer games and watched TV a lot. We finally decided to subscribe to satellite TV service and the channels were amazingly many. Everybody has their own favorite channels: my son with cartoon channels; my hubby with movie, sport, and documentary channels; and me with movie, documentary and entertainment channels. Superb! When I got really bored of playing computer games and watching TV, I started working on the plan for the coming semester. I had to admit, I was pretty productive.

And of course, eating out a lot! I think I gain quite a lot of weight. Check my waist line!

On New Year’s eve, my family and my uncle’s went to see the firework downtown. It was not as good as last year. Last year we met more families and the firework was superb. This year, because the celebration was combined with band concerts, there were more youngsters, mostly punkers. We came across lots of drunk kids and the firework was not so exciting. After fighting the crowd in order to go home, we arrived home and popped a birthday cake. My uncle had his birthday on January 1 so we decided to give him a little surprise by presenting the cake.

Overall, it was a good end-of-year closure. Good family, good work, and good money…


Author: Neny

not your typical mainstream individual. embracing all roles without being confined in one.

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