Loose Tooth and Too Much Knowledge

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Yesterday was another milestone in my son’s physical development.

He had the first loose tooth.

That means that he will lose one tooth at a time and replace them with more permanent ones. He’s being a big boy.

However, this piece of journal is not about losing teeth or child development or something like that. I’m going to write about knowledge.


Yes. Knowledge. And how the proverb says, ‘knowledge is power’.

Well, what it has to do with my son loosing his tooth?

Well, the first time he realized that he had a loose tooth is when he was eating a cheese double beef burger for dinner. He was instantly panic because he had a loose tooth and blood in his gum. He knew that if there was blood somewhere in his body, it meant that something was not right with his health. He had some incidents where he had nosebleed and I admit that we were quite panic when those happened. He also correlated blood with pain, because of course every time he fell, he was bleeding somewhere and it’s painful. So he was in panic when he found out that his gum was bleeding and his tooth was wiggling.

He didn’t continue eating his burger, fearing that it would be painful for his gum. But, we encouraged him to wiggle his tooth so that it would come out and he could eat again. We didn’t want him to stop eating because he needs all of those food so that he would not starve himself.

And he started asking questions. Tons of questions. Like ‘why the gum is bleeding?’, ‘is everybody having a loose tooth?’, ‘what happen next to my teeth?’, ‘why great grandma’s teeth can be put on and off?’ (His great grandma has a set of false teeth), ‘what if the bleeding won’t stop?’. And all those questions keep coming out of him.

As a good parent, I’m trying to assure him that it’s normal, explaining to him all the normal ways of getting loose teeth when he’s of age, that it will be better if he yank it out now, that he should wiggle it so that it will come out, that it will be painful a bit but it will grow again. Stuffs like that.

But my husband had a different idea. He thought that if we gave him too much information, it may scare him a lot and he will not wiggle the tooth no matter what.

See, too much knowledge will scare him. Better ignore him, and eventually, hopefully, the tooth will come out somehow.

Now, how many times when we try to make a decision or we want to get a solution of a problem, we seek for as much information as we can and the information scares the hell out of us, instead of clearing out our confusion? I don’t say it’s bad to search for enlightenment, but maybe it’s best if we leave the mystery outside and give our best to decide or to do the solution. Most of the time, I think, the outcome may turn out to be surprisingly wonderful. Instead of sitting there, getting all the cards up, and worrying about what to do, it’s better to go out and walk the talk, then wait for the outcomes to show up. After all, life will be so boring if we have already known what it lays in the future.

So buckle up, drive your life car, enjoy the scenery, and let’s see what’s waiting at the end of the road.

Drive safe!

PS: We tucked our son with the hope that the loose tooth will come out accidentally while he was sleeping. Wish us luck!


Author: Neny

not your typical mainstream individual. embracing all roles without being confined in one.

2 thoughts on “Loose Tooth and Too Much Knowledge”

  1. i have a loose too and it’s damn annoying and im going to my friends house too to eat supper im really scared that it might come off randomly when im talking to my friend =( i dont want that to happen… or i might swallow it when im eating or drinking something!!! please tell me how to get rid of this tooth!!!!


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