My Tips for Successful Cooking

Among some of my responsibilities at the house, cooking is not my cup of tea. If I can choose, I’d rather do something else. My meal repertoire usually consists of meals that can be prepared in two or three steps: ingredients preparation plus stewing or frying. The simpler, the shorter preparation time, the better.

Can the family members eat my meal? Yes, of course, it’s edible. Besides, they have no choice but to eat it. Eating out is simply out of question, unless the Master Chef (which is me) orders all of us to eat out for various reasons: no time to cook, the meal is totally burnt, no mood to eat what I have prepared. This is quite often to happen in our house, resulting on the high cost of cuisine in the budget.

Mood is definitely the main indicator of the taste of the meal that I prepare. When I’m in good mood, I can guarantee that the meal that I prepare is very edible, even to the level of aesthetically presentable. But when I’m not up to good mood, the meal may become a disasteriffic and the food is gone wasted on the bin.

One way to ensure that I set the mood right for my cooking ritual is by turning on the music. By listening to the music, somehow my mood is improved and the nitty gritty details of ingredients preparation seems to be more bearable. I even dance between the stove and the kitchen counter, performing half-frying half breakdancing movements. And quite often, I will sing along with the singer, utilizing the knife as a state-of-the-art microphone.

Now to think of it, I think I use music as my mood improver for various occasions. When I need to walk faster to campus because my class is about to begin in five minutes (and the teacher, which is me, has to be there before the students decide to skip the class altogether), I will switch to ‘Stupefy’ by Disturbed. It is a hard core rock song, and certainly will pump my adrenaline that it took me only 5 minutes to get to campus (normally it will take 7-10 minutes). When I got so angry for any reasons, the same song seems to be applicable to let go of my anger and get a calmer state of mind. Listening to love songs will create a smile on my lips and the day seems to be a bit brighter and happier. Afraid of ghosts? No worries! I will sing any songs that cross my mind so that I can focus on something else, rather than the ghosts haunting certain places on my path.

In short, music is essential mood enhancer in my life and it does work.

Next time, when you need to boost the edibility of the meal that you’re cooking, try listening to the music. I don’t guarantee that your meal will taste as good as in a five star restaurant, but your mood will definitely be better during the cutting and frying and boiling.


Author: Neny

not your typical mainstream individual. embracing all roles without being confined in one.

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