A time to rest, a time to be busy

I realize that I haven’t posted anything to this blog for a long time. Forgive me my dear readers! In addition to the cost of Internet accessed from my house, I guess I have to hide behind the reason of being busy with my work. Teaching is not a very relaxing job if you want to know. It involves assessing my students’ works and preparing materials to teach. Unfortunately, the last two are the most time consuming of all. Am I complaining? No, I don’t. It’s a part of my job, and I love my job.

I have to thank God for the support of people around me, who are willing to share their Neny with the rest of the world. Particularly my husband and my son. For that, I thank them.

Happy new year to you all. Many happy returns, many good fortunes.


Author: Neny

not your typical mainstream individual. embracing all roles without being confined in one.

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